2016 年 02 月 19 日

Cloud DevOps Engineer


The Cloud DevOps Engineer is responsible for designing and building reliable cloud services deployed on modern cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix, focusing on automation, availability and performance.

Candidate should possess broad knowledge of systems architecture that power today’s modern and highly available web and mobile applications, with deep domain expertise in one or more areas: computing, networking, storage, high availability, cloud security and application performance.

Strong experience with Linux is required. Demonstrated knowledge of Linux, automation tools (Chef, Puppet), source control tools (SVN, Git), AWS Services (Route53, ELB, API Gateway, Lambda, etc.), Azure Services (Event Hubs, Stream Analytics), IBM Bluemix (Node-RED) or similar Public Cloud platform is a must.


  • 工作待遇:面議
  • 工作性質:全職
  • 上班地點:新北市汐止區
  • 管理責任:不需負擔管理責任
  • 出差外派:無需出差外派
  • 上班時段:日班
  • 休假制度:週休二日
  • 可上班日:一個月內
  • 需求人數:13


  • 接受身份:上班族
  • 工作經歷:2年以上
  • 學歷要求:大學、碩士
  • 科系要求:不拘
  • 語文條件:  英文   聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通


  1. Have 2+ years experience of designing and building web or mobile applications.
  2. Have 2+ years experience of working with one of the modern cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or the others, certifications would be a plus.
  3. Have hands-on experience in working with Puppet, Chef or similar infrastructure configuration management and automation tools as well as the source control tools such as Git or SVN.
  4. Have ability to analyze internal requirements and provide feasible technology as a solutions architect.
  5. Team work oriented, goal driven, self-motivated, good communication skills, attention to details.


  1. 保障年薪14個月,並視公司營運狀況及個人績效發放績效獎金
  2. 員工分紅(派遣人員無)
  3. 完善退休金提撥制度
  4. 勞保、健保及團體保險
  5. 全方位教育訓練課程 
  6. 人性化管理及健全升遷發展制度
  7. 生育、婚喪、住院、急難補助及員工旅遊補助、社團經費補助及 
  8. 子女獎助學金
  9. 備有健身中心、韻律教室及交誼廳

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