2016 年 04 月 22 日


As a seasoned user of RubyMine (started in 2009) I’m sure that investment in JetBrains tools is worth my time. Extremely efficient navigation through the codebase, mindset of building toolset around keyboard shortcuts and powerful searching features. It feels like IDE understands my code providing a great assist and confidence with any kind of refactoring. RubyMine is definitely heavy duty, all around Rails ecosystem toolset — whenever you are doing backend or frontend part of Ruby on Rails apps, you have support for almost anything you need.

MIchał Czyż, CTO at Selleo Web & Mobile

Since 2005 Selleo Web & Mobile have been crafting clients’ ideas into unique web and mobile experiences with Ruby on Rails, Angular, Ember for web development and native/Xamarin technologies for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.

Having a lot of previous experience with Visual Studio/C#, I was a little wary when starting with Ruby. I was unfamiliar with the syntax and the tool chain. With RubyMine I was able to jump right into writing productive Ruby code. The tool helped setup all the tedious build requirements for projects. As I used the tool, the suggestions it offered help me learn more of the Ruby language, including the preferred idiomatic style. I feel I have learned a lot more about Ruby simply by using RubyMine

Simon Hodkinson, Senior Analyst Programmer at Sunsuper

I think it is one of the best IDEs I have ever used. I like it a lot already, but the more I explore, the more I like it! It’s so easy to use. I have spent no time to tweak it, or learn how to do things. It just works. I like it lots.

Nigel Cushing, Technical Test Specialist at Sunsuper

Sunsuper is one of Australia’s largest and most awarded super funds. It has been taking care of employers’ superannuation needs since 1987 and now look after the super of more than 80,000 employers and one million members.

Using RubyMine allows me to develop using a common tool making it easier to pair and help each other out without having to lose productivity due to the context switching from one development environment (platform) to another.

Jeremy Anderson, Agile Software Developer at Code Adept

Code Adept is a West Michigan based software consultancy focused on delivering high quality software through providing software development, agile coaching and training services.

RubyMine’s GUI for easily stepping through code in the debugger is great. The inline code analysis is nice for quickly catching typos and the code completion can be useful too. But for me, the best part about having RubyMine is the navigation and documentation. Being able to instantly bring up documentation is awesome! If I need more information, I hate wasting time trying to hunt down a method buried in code that I am not familiar with. With one key-stroke RubyMine takes me to the code I’m looking for.

Nate Zobrist, CTO & CIO at Connor Group

Connor Group is an elite accounting firm of Big 4 alumni and industry executives with over 200 clients on 5 continents covering North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

I have been using RubyMine for a long time and can say it is an absolute dream to work in! I use it daily, integrated with various version control systems, and automating remote file syncs. The automatic running of tests while I’m refactoring and coding is a key feature for me. JetBrains is regularly adding new features, and it’s super easy to pick up.

Steve Smythe, SCM Architect at Digital Insight

Digital Insight, an NCR company, helps banks and credit unions grow by offering innovative online and mobile banking solutions that make it easier for consumers and businesses to manage their money.


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